Season 5: Beth Dutton Spy Look Fashion Guide

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Yellowstone Season 5 is undoubtedly a right on the roller coaster with tracks following unexpected twists and turns that are efficient enough to let butterflies mummer in our stomachs. However, despite the engaging storyline, Beth Dutton Outfits are another thing that has caught our eye. The lady endorsed multiple looks, yet the spy look stands out. So, don’t look far if you are also an individual looking for a Beth Dutton Spy Look Fashion Guide, as you have already found the correct path. Keep on reading, and we will deep dive into all the crucial aspects of Beth’s Dutton spy look. Let’s start!

An ultimate Beth Dutton Spy Look Fashion Guide

We will elaborate on all the aspects one by one so that you can easily digest every chunk of information. With that being said, please have a look.

1. Grab Yourself a Jacket

The first and foremost thing you would need to style yourself in the Kelly Rielly look is the beautiful Beth Dutton Black Biker Leather Jacket Yellowstone. Being made of premium quality 100 percent genuine leather, you can get this apparel for really cheap. Just go for an affordable brand, and you won’t have to break the bank. The inner shell is crafted from a thick quilted viscose material to feel warmth and coziness while you continue to look appealing from the outside.

While the looks are kept simple and elegant, with black being used as the base color and the traditionally styled zipper included and set in the center for maximum appeal. Functionality is ensured and enhanced with the help of 4 pockets, out of which 2 are placed outside while 2 are attached to the inner shell. Sleeves are kept full length with simple colors. The best part about this jacket is that you can pair it up with anything else, and it will look enchanting.

Beth Dutton Black Biker Leather Jacket Yellowstone

Worn by your favorite Kelly Reilly while playing Beth Dutton in Yellowstone. The External Material is based on Genuine Leather. Comes with the Quilted Inner Viscose Lining, Front Zipper Closure, and Sleeves: Full-length Sleeves.

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2. Get the Shirt

Next, you would need a plain black shirt with half sleeves. This clothing piece obtains a  simple round neck style aligned with casual style so that the jacket can be granted maximum attention. You can choose to go with any fabric of your choice. However, we suggest going with soft cotton material to minimize the chance of rashes, which are standard in the winter seasons.

3. Search for the Accurate Denim Pants

There are tons and tons of designs and materials available in the market to choose from when we talk about getting a pair of denim pants. Nevertheless, selecting an accurate size and well-aligned design is the essential thing we need to consider. Remember, Beth Dutton is all about grace and simple looks. She wore a pair of denim pants colored navy to ocean blue. No fancy detailing was observed. Instead, the skin-fitted jeans have slight shades of blue all over the jeans.

4. Look for the Belt

Although the usage of belts was initially done in a masculine fashion, it today has gotten its place in the women’s fashion world as well. And with her spy look, Beth Dutton seems to agree with the idea altogether. She wore a brown colored belt that you literally can find in your closet as well. Or you can head over to any local belt shop in your area to gran one.

Beth Dutton Spy Look Fashion Guide Belt

5. Don’t forget the Boots

The last but most important thing to get is those long boots. Crafted from leather, these boots are long enough to reach almost half of your knee. The base color is kept sand brown to natural brown, with the ankle having a sight heel for that perfect height Kelly Rielly has. Minor detailing with the same color is given on the top side of the shoes to enhance the overall appeal. However, do not forget to get a perfect size, as we don’t want a comfortable walk.

Beth Dutton Spy Look Fashion Guide Boots


On the bottom line, Kelly Rielly had worn Beth Dutton Season 5 Outfits in the Yellowstone show season 5. Nevertheless, the spy looks stands out from the rest. The content above is the ultimate Beth Dutton Spy Look Fashion Guide. It elaborates on all the clothing pieces separately, so stay tuned till the end.

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