How to dress like Yellowstone

How to dress like Yellowstone

Dress up like a cowboy and show off your western style! This blog will inspire you to look like the part of the Wyoming Ranch in an authentic, unique way with Yellowstone Outfits. Read on to find out how to dress like Yellowstone.

Howdy and welcome to our blog about one of the greatest tales in the history of American western entertainment.

Yellowstone has captured the hearts of many. Those who have watched this show would have noticed that all the characters had different personal styles. Some dressed like cowboys, while others wore modern clothes. The women on the show had a special sense of style, and they were all very good-looking and stood out from the rest.

The most-watched show on television across cable, premium, and broadcast last fall was none other than Paramount Network’s Yellowstone. In 2017, Yellowstone premiered to high acclaim. Filmed at the Montana Ranch, this sprawling drama weaves an epic tale of family, ambition, and corruption.

The show, which chronicles the lives of the Dutton family, has captured the hearts of viewers everywhere with its emotional storyline and incredible performances. Yellowstone isn’t just a rating juggernaut, it’s also a critical favorite. The show has been nominated for both a SAG award and a PGA award.

With Yellowstone being such a huge success, it’s no surprise that people are clamoring for more information about the show and how to dress like Yellowstone characters for any dress-up party.

You’ll need the perfect clothing items to pull off a good depiction of the Duttons. First of all, it’s important to find clothing that fits your true personality and style like a glove. When you’re dressing as the Duttons, both your clothes and your hair should be golden.

Halloween is a great excuse for us to be creative and explore different possibilities. It is also a wonderful opportunity for us to dress up and see each other in a new light. We can dress up in clothes that are outlandish and even frightening if we like, without the fear of ridicule.

So, if you have a favorite character in the show and want to dress like them, this guide covers the top Yellowstone characters’ costumes for your Halloween needs.

Dress like the dedicated John Dutton from Yellowstone

Protected by his character and notoriety, John has built a fearsome ranching empire that spans nearly 10,000 acres. Not all members of the Dutton clan have made it to the next generation intact, however.

John Dutton is a tough, emotional, and dedicated man. Reminiscent of a cowboy, he lives in Montana and spends a great deal of time out in the open, working with cattle and horses.

Given his tough personality and large stature, it might be difficult to take John lightly, but you can’t help but feel a sense of trust when you witness his unwavering loyalty.

If you want to play the part of the Wyoming cattle ranch owner from the series, we can help you to look just like him! Yellowstone Outfits offers authentic cowboy and western wear that makes it easy to put together a John Dutton ensemble. If you want to dress like John Dutton from Yellowstone, our John Dutton Collection includes everything from his exceptionally famous vests to his rancher’s jacket.

We have listed down all of his best-worn vests and jackets:

1. John Dutton’s Wool Vest

The vest is a family heirloom and a must-wear item. John never outgrows it. Its dusty brown color has slowly absorbed the grime of hard work and has a memory of all the towns they have ever visited and the camps they’ve pitched.

John Dutton’s signature wool vest is designed in a boxy silhouette that works as a stand-alone piece or layered under a blazer. Perfect for an everyday look or to throw over a button-down with jeans to dress up your casual outfit. This trendy outfit will surely make you feel super delighted throughout the whole year.

2. John Dutton’s Black Vest

Made from soft yet rugged 100% cotton, this black vest features three snap-closure pockets and is distressed for an authentic look. It has an inner viscose lining to keep you comfortable from the inside, a stand collar, a zipper closure, and two pockets at the waist.

The signature John Dutton logo patch is featured on one corner, and the chest proudly displays a patch reading Yellowstone. If you like the look of a vintage item but want a modern garment, we can help.

Yellowstone Outfits specializes in replicating vintage and modern designer styles, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for even if it’s out of stock at the retailer feel free to contact us and we can recreate it for you

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3. John Dutton’s Brown Quilted Jacket

The Brown Quilted Jacket is a modern take on a traditional men’s classic, with a heritage that dates back to the early 20th century. Dutton’s signature style can be seen in this classic 2-button jacket that boasts soft collars, a notched lapel, and three-button detailing on the chest.

The jacket is made with ripstop nylon that makes it light and breathable, so you can wear it all day long. The pockets are reinforced with extra stitching so they don’t tear when you’re doing your best to save the world.

It is designed to fit perfectly and comes with our signature John detailing. You’ll look like the real deal when you wear it.

Pair it with a classic button-down and jeans for a polished look.

4. John Dutton’s Raw Leather Jacket

This raw leather jacket has been crafted from genuine, full-grain, genuine leather, and has been stitched using the traditional saddle stitch method. It also has a hidden rear left pocket, which is sewn with extra-large zippers for easy access.

So pull off these attires with denim jeans and plain shirts and be the inspiration for the people around you!

Mirror Rip Wheelers style with this ensembles

As the creator of the series depicts it, Rip Wheeler is damaged. It is evident from his clothes that he has suffered trauma. The character Rip who is portrayed by Cole Hauser is a ranch hand on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Rip Wheeler has a crazy fandom. He represents a timeless, classic, real-life hero we all love fighting for us and our families. We have the perfect Rip Wheeler jackets.

If you wanna know how to dress like Yellowstone characters. Especially Rip Wheeler then take a look at all the replicas we have, exclusively on Yellowstone Outfits.

1. Rip Wheeler Black Cotton Jacket

Rip Wheeler wears a Canyon Mountain Hiker jacket. For the discerning gentleman, the fabric is an ideal combination of warmth, water resistance, and breathability. The jacket also pairs with a button-down collar.

While the glorious Yellowstone logo patch right on the chest gives it a more original look than any other jacket. Furthermore, it’s also based on a soft and warm fabric, with a nip in the waist for shaping.

The front of the jacket features a buttoned closure, and the stand-up collar gives it a sleek and elegant look. Excellent addition to any wardrobe, this jacket is sure to please.

Moreover, it also channels Wheeler’s good-natured personality with a clean, modern style that doesn’t sacrifice functionality for comfort. This jacket is a fashionable and practical choice for any man.

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2. Rip Wheeler’s Quilted Green Vest

I’m sure that you must have seen various quality Vests in your life. But believe me, it has no match with the epic Rip Wheeler Quilted Green Vest from Yellowstone.

While its unique and modern style allows you to wear it for a longer period. Two flapped front pockets, two inside pockets, a stand-up collar, and a zip closure are all features of this vest.

The pure cotton makes it breathable and comfortable, and the bold green color sets it apart. While the quilting that could be seen on it adds up intense texture and interest with a classic look.

Thus you’ll find it way perfect for layering over button-downs or wearing on its own with jeans or khakis. Since jackets are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. Not only do they protect us from the elements, but they’re also a way to express ourselves.

Add these top add-ons to your Rip Wheeler jacket: Western Cowboy Hat, Antique Silver Belt Buckle, and Cotton Bandana Set.

Dress like the Wild West Cowgirl Beth Dutton

Beth Dutton is the fierce and powerful daughter of John Dutton on the hit show Yellowstone. If you’re looking for how to dress like Yellowstone characters such as Beth this Halloween, look no further than our collection of Beth-inspired outfits.

As we got all of her best inspirational clothes from the thrilling moments of Yellowstone that will make you feel like Beth Dutton for damn sure. Now let’s explore the gorgeous and stylish world of Beth Dutton. Here is what you need to create the perfect Beth Dutton-inspired outfit.

1. Beth Dutton’s Blue Coat

A replica of the Blue Jacket worn by Kelly Reilly in the legendary TV show Yellowstone, introducing the Beth Dutton Blue Jacket. In addition, it has an ancient-style buttoned-down front and a hooded-style collar.

Thanks to two hand pockets available on each side of your waist all of your valuables will remain safe and sound. While the poncho style is more than enough to turn the heads of the people around.

Moreover, the inner cotton lining ensures the maximum comfort and warmth you’ve ever gotten. This jacket is also distinguished by its old-style button front and hood.

2. Kelly Reilly’s Shearling Wool Coat

Whether you’re searching for a classic, timeless coat to wear all year round or an adaptable winter coat, you’ll find this one to keep you warm and comfortable all season long. It’s sure to keep you toasty and chic all winter.

One thing that can’t be undermined for this marvelous handcraft is its premium quality of leather you’ll hardly see anywhere. As it’s based on some exceptional heart-touching vicious lining and top-notch shearling wool.

Thanks to these lovely features it’ll prove to be way soft and comfortable to wear in any weather. While its full-length sleeves with button style make it more elegant to look at. Moreover, the iconic deep charcoal gray color makes it easy to combine with almost any accessories.

Wrap up

Yellowstone Outfits is an online clothing store that offers the best in men’s and women’s clothing. Our wide range of Western-themed garments includes an assortment of vests, jackets, and coats, as well as our signature line of Yellowstone costumes that helps to dress like the Yellowstone characters that appeared on the screen.

Our company specializes in high-quality, handcrafted clothing and accessories for men and women.

We are the most experienced in manufacturing superior, luxury leathers for men. Our jackets incorporate the best components for any lifestyle, like premium leathers and soft-touch textiles, and each is cut to order for a more personalized fit.

Our team of expert tailors brings the highest degree of excellence to every timepiece we handcraft, providing you with a lasting product that will withstand the test of time. All of our pieces are made to the highest quality standards, so you’re getting the best possible look and feel from them.

With our convenient online shopping, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. So, whether you’re dressing up as your favorite character or just showing your support for the series, we’ve got you covered.

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